Mastercam Specialized Add-Ons

If you need very specialized options to precisely match your customer, your workflow or your products, there’s a Mastercam Add-On available.

Port Expert
Creates precision engine cylinder head porting toolpaths on surface or solid data, while minimizing unnecessary motion.

Blade Expert
Highly-efficient toolpaths for multi-bladed parts, delivering superior blades, splitters, floors, and fillets.

Automatically detect, group, and apply drill strategies to large amounts of holes, and even automatically create tool definitions from existing geometry.

Streamlined multiaxis programming tools make projects easier than ever before. With features from multisurface 5-axis roughing and swarf fanning, to easy 4-axis rotary axis and roll die programming, Mastercam ensures accurate cuts and fast turnaround on even the toughest jobs.

Curve/Drill 5-axis
Curve/Drill 5-axis is the perfect entry into multiaxis machining, creating quality toolpaths while reducing programming time. Particularly useful on parts that contain multiple holes with center lines pointing in different directions. Curve 5-axis cuts a 3D chain or surface edges, generally for 5-axis trimming operations and Drill 5-axis simplifies the creation of 3-to 5-axis drilling output for holes in a part.

5-axis Swarf Milling
This 5-axis toolpath has been separated into its own module for those users that only need to create a specific toolpath. The Swarf toolpath creates multiaxis tool motion that keeps the side of the tool in contact with the selected surfaces or solids.

Mastercam Productivity+TM
Brings Renishaw in-process probing and inspection to your Mastercam programs. Easily set up, validate, and even make in-process adjustments where appropriate.

Quickly bring your 2D sketches, clip art, photos, and CAD files to life by crafting them on-screen and cutting them with easy, specialized toolpaths.

For more information on any of these specialized Add-Ons, please contact us today.

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