Mastercam University

Mastercam University™ is the Perfect Solution for Anyone Looking to Learn Mastercam.

With MastercamU™, you learn tips and tricks at your own pace, in your own time, and from experienced Mastercam trainers. Use these new online classes to get up to speed quickly, keep your skills sharp, or even prepare for official Mastercam Certification. MastercamU is open to anyone with internet access.

Learn from the Experts

Benefit from the knowledge of expert certified corporate trainers who bring their extensive industrial experience and Mastercam mastery to each lesson. Courseware is delivered in over 180 videos using proven industrial techniques. This format lets you learn at your own speed, reviewing all of the tips and tricks to unleash the power of Mastercam.

The Learning Process

In this application-based training, you learn Mastercam by designing and programming toolpaths on real industrial parts. Important concepts are covered that show you how to program more efficiently. For example, you learn how to program quickly and effectively, how to apply multiple set-ups, and how to select the best toolpath strategy for fast runtime and superior surface finish.

Classes Currently Offered

  • Mill/Design and Toolpaths
  • Advanced Mill/Design
  • Lathe/Design and Toolpaths
  • Mastercam for SolidWorks
  • Multiaxis
  • Principals for Machining
  • Instructor Certification
  • Certification Course
  • Maintenance Course
  • V9 to X Course

College Credit

Many colleges are adopting the MastercamU online courses to enhance their training, keeping it up-to-date and more robust. College credit may be obtained through some of these schools. Please consult your local authorized Mastercam Reseller for a list of participating colleges.